About Us

Who are we? The University of Queensland Sailing Club has been a mainstay of campus culture for over 30 years.

We are a non-profit sailing club run by students based at the University of Queensland, St Lucia. Our members and the executive team come from various international backgrounds, studying countless disciplines. However, we are united in our ambition to promote youth sailing at home and abroad through technical training and social facilitation.

What do we do? The UQ Sailing Club provides a broad range of events and activities to suit everyone’s abilities. If you’re just starting out and want to see what sailing is all about, we run social sailing most weekends, which is a fun day out on the water with mates. If you’re a bit more ambitious and would like to learn how to skipper, then why not sign up for our learn to sail course?

Beyond this, we run exciting camping trips up and down the Queensland coast, not to mention our Whitsunday Yacht Holidays! All of these opportunities are available to our members… 

Everyone is welcome to join, absolutely no sailing experience required!

UQSailing Executive Team 2023

Stephen Chelli

Commodore / Head Trainer

Rhys Peerson


Paige Howard

Marketing Director

Lachlan Bishop-West


Cheryl Chen

Head of Fleet

Ryan Lim

Sponsorships Director

Cat Parr


Tina Chen

Head of Sailing


We have a great opportunity for you to meet new & interesting people, gain vital business organizational skills all while boosting your resume for potential employers!

UQ Sailing Club invites all interested students to join our executive team!
No sailing or club experience necessary!

We're a great group of young students who have a passion for introducing others to the university lifestyle of sports and social competition! We're a large financially independent non-profit organisation with national and international networks for the benefit of UQ Students & Alumni.

If you're interested please shoot us an email!